Snickers Salad

January 19, 2012

I was reading a blog and came across this and when I first read it, I thought to myself, “Snickers salad?!”  But as I kept reading, I thought, “Snickers salad!!”  Wow, what a treat!  Great for pot lucks, parties and the sort…or just a great treat for yourself : ) Snickers Salad Ingredients 1 (8 […]

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Grape Salad

April 13, 2010

This is a great little dish.  It’s makes a nice snack or light dessert, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  As much as I love my desserts I’m trying to watch what I eat for the sake of the little one.  This is just sweet enough to curb those sweet tooth cravings! Grape […]

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Fiesta Salad

August 17, 2009

I have had this dish many times at different pot luck gatherings and have made it a few times myself.  It tastes great, people always love it, and it’s really easy to make.  I learned of this great dish from a dear friend of mine from high school (love ya, Danah!).  The first time I […]

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