Waffle / Sugar Cone Cornucopia

by sunshine on November 20, 2011

These make such a fun treat whether for it for adults or children!  You could make them for co-workers or a class party!

Waffle Cone Cornucopia

Materials Needed:
Small waffle cones
Chex mix with Reese’s pieces (or other desired candies)
Cellophane Paper
Bring 1-2 inches of water to boil in a pot and place a steamer basket on top.  Put 2 cones at a time in the steamer and steam for appoximately 90 seconds or until waffle cones have softened.  Remove from steamer and form into a cornucopia shape.  Use the end of a spoon or pen to curl up the end of the waffle cone.  Place on a cookie sheet to let cool.  Cool completely then fill with chex mix with Reese’s pieces candies (you can also use runts candies, Candy Corn, etc.)  Place in celephane paper and tie with a ribbon.


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