Fruit Salad

by sunshine on November 24, 2011

I had a fruit salad I’ve never had before today at Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious.  Growing up we always made fruit salad with various canned fruits and cool whip.  This had a great glaze to it so I asked for the recipe (of course!).  The secret ingredient….peach pie filling!  Wow, I would have never have guessed that!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, laughter, and food!

Fruit Salad


1 Can Peach Pie Filling

1 Can Pineapple Chunks, drained

1 Can Mandarin Oranges, drained

3 Bananas, sliced

2 Cups Strawberries, sliced

1 Cup Red or Green Grapes, cut up

Mini Marshmallow, if desired

Chopped Nuts, if desired

(and any other fruit you wish to add such as kiwi, blueberry, apple, etc! )

Toss all of the above ingredients together, chill overnight, and serve.

NOTE: If you stir the bananas in some lemon juice, then drain off as much of the juice as possible, they will not darken!

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