Chicken Saltine Casserole

by sunshine on November 13, 2010

My husband and I were very blessed to have a loving church family and local Twitter community that helped feed us for the first two months we spent getting used to being new parents.  A huge thank you goes out to a dear friend, @KatieMcManners, that helped organize meals through Twitter!  We have appreciated this outpouring of love more than anyone will ever know.  Recovering from a c-section and having a newborn has been quite overwhelming at times (which I know all of you moms know all about)  and not having to worry about cooking dinner for almost two months was the biggest help we could have ever received.  Otherwise, my poor husband would have had cereal or pb&j for dinner a many a night!

One of the dishes that a friend brought over was this Chicken Saltine Casserole.  I’m all about casseroles, folks!  I’ve always loved them and love them even more now that I don’t have as much time as I used to to spend in the kitchen.

This casserole has a great flavor due to the saltine crackers.  I truly loved it and looked forward to getting the recipe because I know it is one that I will be making quite often.  Not just for us but to make for other folks and for pot lucks!

Chicken Saltine Casserole

Printable Recipe: Chicken Saltine Casserole


4 Cooked and Shredded Chicken Breasts

1 can Cream Chicken Soup

½ c broth from cooked chicken

1 small carton sour cream

1 sleeve saltines crushed, divided

1/4 cup butter, divided


Preheat oven to 350. Mix  first 4 ingredients together. Season to suit your individual taste. (FYI-we use poultry season and a little pepper- you really don’t need to add ANY salt). Spray casserole dish with vegetable spray and pour ½ sleeve of crushed crackers in the bottom of it.  Pour slightly less than ½ of the ¼ cup melted butter over the crackers in the bottom.  Then pour the chicken mixture over that and top with the rest of the crushed crackers and butter.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Can be served over noodles or rice.

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