Favorite Foto Friday

by sunshine on June 13, 2008

This was taken out of our dining room window. I took this early in the morning while getting ready for work. There were a total of 5 birds and 1 FAT squirrel. I have gone through many a bird feeder thanks to our little squirrel friend. He has managed to break many of them while trying to get to the bird food. A few weeks ago after a bird feeder was broken after only a couple of days of having it I got a squirrel feeder in hopes that he would leave the bird feeders alone! Boy, does that squirrel LOVE that corn!! The entire cob will be empty in a matter of only a couple of hours…..and he’s left the bird feeder alone!! It is quite funny to watch him sit in the little chair just nibbling away at the corn. He even has a friend that joins him every once in a while. Keith and I have named them Chubby and Checker : ) (corny, we know!)

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